On Jameis Winston’s Rape Case

On Jameis Winston’s Rape Case

I love my school, and I love that our football team has been unconquered this entire season, but I do not love the backlash I’m hearing from friends and fans concerning the Jameis Winston rape case. Ever since the news first broke that charges were brought up again from an incident that occurred a year ago, all I have read from people posting about it on my Facebook, Twitter, and even Tumblr have been negative only towards the female involved; I’m sad to say that this case reminds me way to much of the Steubenville case to feel anything more than disappointment towards my school and all that have blindly stood with Jameis throughout the entire debacle. I’m not trying to say that I believe Jameis to be a rapist, I would rather believe otherwise and think that people like that don’t really exist in our world, but I am not able to believe he is untainted and godly simply because he is the star quarterback.

I guess what concerns me most about this case is that, immediately, the media jumped on this girl and portrayed her as a money-grubbing slut who is only trying to bring down the king during the peak of his reign, but I have yet to hear the other possibility: maybe this is another Steubenville in which, the star quarterback decided he could do whatever he wanted simply because of his fame. I get that the girl’s timing is bad and potentially suspicious, but both scenarios are completely possible, yet only one seems to be explored in main-stream media.

I feel like an injustice has been done to me after seeing how easily an entire school, 40,000+ people, could demonize this poor girl without consideration to the actual emotional reaction she had from the original ordeal. When it was announced that the rape charges would be dropped, the entirety of my Facebook feed contained statuses celebrating Jameis and shamelessly calling the girl a slut–extensively digesting this girl’s sex life (which should be a private matter) in public for everyone to see and add their two cents.

All I could muster in the chaos of thoughts that were building in my head was: What is wrong with all of you?

Rape culture is disgusting, yet sits pretty in it’s throne of normalized, “acceptable” social behavior because of instances like this where the media completely tear down the victim to build up the (alleged) transgressor. Finding two different semen samples in a girl’s rape test does not disqualify the possibility of rape, nor does it necessarily make this girl a “slut” as everyone is so quick to label her. If this girl is a slut for this, then at least 65% of FSU’s female population are mega sluts in comparison. The hypocrisy astounds me! Hooking up and one-night stands (aka what the more conservative crowd would consider promiscuous sexual behavior) is the practiced norm at FSU, and anyone who tries to deny this is either themselves uninvolved in this part of FSU/Tallahassee culture, or is lying to themselves, big-time.

And while the building evidence seems to claim there was no “rape” at the time, consider the statements made by Jameis’ roommate and friend who were present during the incident [found in linked article]: this girl was being watched while she engaged in what should have been a private act, someone attempted to video tape the event without her consent and also tried to get in with the action, without her consent. I don’t know about anyone else, but even if I entered that situation willingly at first, I would definitely feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, unsafe, and dirty while the rest of the night played out. And where is the backlash against the pig Casher (yes after reading this article I find Chris Casher to be a PIG)???

While it does seem to me that no text-book rape took place, I have a hard time believing this girl didn’t feel uncomfortable or victimized by the night’s events. Why no one is looking deeper into the actions of the men involved baffles me. Is a Heisman really worth all of this? Because this is all the media ever made this case about in the first place: not how a girl was thrown into a whirlwind of a situation that she didn’t ask for, but how a girl tried to deny the Star his Heisman.


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